Daddy’s Home


The book “Daddy’s Home,” written by Nicole Thornes, masterfully tells a heartbreaking narrative of loss and tragedy. The story pays a well-deserved tribute to all the brothers and sisters who were slain in the line of duty. Nicole, who was forced to retire due to a line-of-duty accident, goes through a grieving process that is reflected in this story, from her first sentiments of loss and abandonment to her own recommitment and renewal. The narrative contains family members’ opinions and the emotional upheaval they experience after losing a loved one.

Daddy’s Home vividly depicts the range of emotions that individuals experience when they lose a loved one. Hope and optimism are prevalent, yet it does not shy away from the hard truth of tragic ends.



A book dedicated to the remembrance of the fallen and those left behind. Get ready for the heart-wrenching story of loss and demise beautifully written by Nicole Thornes. A book that includes the perspectives of family members and the emotional turmoil they undergo after losing a beloved.


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