Five Things To Know About Death Doulas

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Undoubtedly, hospice is all about an advanced level of medical care, comfort and offering a better quality of life to the person who is terminally ill or reaching the end of life. The hospice staff makes sure to provide all the care that a person needs, but still, they have a limited role in our life. Every once or twice a week, the staff conducts an assessment, aids people in their day-to-day work, and helps them bathe, but it doesn’t mean they are always available. Sometimes patients get frustrated with hospice care because they don’t get the additional support they expected. This is where the concept of hiring a death doula comes into the limelight.

Most death doulas have undergone different certification programs, allowing them to deal with the anticipatory grief and loss of someone’s loved one. Their services are similar to the hospice’s, but they offer additional support to the patient and their family. A death doula is more available for patients than a hospice can be.  So the role of death doulas is more complementary than competing with hospice care. But it would be helpful if you asked a few questions to them whenever you decide to hire a death doula.

1. Are They Certified, Or How Much Experience Do They Have?

There are numerous organizations offering death doulas training with a completion certificate. When you are hiring a death doula, make sure to ask them about their training certificates and previous experience. You may even reach out to the organization directly for the verification of the provided information about a death doula. Every organization knows their end-of-life doulas personally and can guide you better.

2. What Is The Philosophy That Encouraged Them To Become A Death Doula?

When choosing a death doula, make sure you ask about their inspiration or motivation in life that drove them towards this career. Death Doulas usually attend multiple deaths, so you can also ask them about their experience. It would be great if you discussed your requirements clearly in the first meeting. This way, they will realize what is most important to you and your family.

3. What Do They Offer Or Don’t Offer?

When hiring a death doula, you must ask them how they support the people whose loved ones are dying or the person suffering from a terminal illness. Ask if their services include attending medical appointments, giving suitable suggestions, and providing emotional support to the patients and their families. By asking such questions, you will get a clear overview of what your chosen death doula offers or what is not part of their services.

4. How Much Will They Charge?

This is one of the crucial questions you should ask early on when hiring a death doula. Ask how much money they charge for their services; are there any packages they offer? Will they charge additional money if they have to extend the care period? By asking such questions, you can align your loved one’s care needs with your budget.

5. How Can You Contact Them?

Inquire about all the means through which you can reach out to them whenever you need. Ask them questions like are you available for phone calls? And can I email you all the concerns related to patient care? The more questions you ask, the better you will know about their services.

To Sum Up!

Whenever you find yourself in such a state where you are left with no option except hiring a death doula, make sure to ask these above-mentioned questions from them.

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