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“Daddy’s Home” is a book dedicated to the remembrance of the fallen and those left behind. However, it is as much about cathartic renewal as it is about loss and is inspired by the author’s story.

An end-of-life doula, also known as a death doula, is someone who volunteers to help a dying person and their family before, during, and after death in order to give physical, emotional, psychological, and even spiritual support.

Companionship, Coordinating a circle of support, Legacy projects, Facilitating Advance Care Planning, Meal preparations and Light housework, Assistance finding pet care, Running quick errands, Assistance with facilitating rides and accompanying to healthcare visits, Memorial portraiture, and Bedside Vigil.

Positive Passing, LLC is situated in Berlin, Maryland.

End-of-Life Doulas can be reached at any moment during the dying process. The sooner the doula enters the process, the more time she has to get to know the individual and family, develop quality care plans, prioritize end-of-life needs, and create sacred space and meaning for the individual and family.

Aspiring - Impassioned – Heart-Wrenching

Daddy’s Home beautifully conveys the spectrum of emotions people experience when they lose a loved one. Although there is a lot of optimism and hope, it does not deny the harsh reality of tragic outcomes.