Embracing The Role Of The Death Doula For Hospice Patients

Almost everyone is familiar with the role of doulas and midwives, but a few know about the role of death doulas. The concept of death midwives is similar to the birth doulas, but end-of-life doulas provide care to terminally ill patients who have approached the end of their life. Death doulas assist patients and their […]

Death Doulas: A Caregiver’s Guide

End-of-life doulas, also known as death doulas or death midwives, assist patients and their families as they prepare to transition out of this life. This individual is not medically trained, but he or she is certified to assist patients and families as they prepare to pass. They employ a comprehensive approach that addresses a patient’s […]

5 Tips To Overcome Grief And Loss Of Someone’s Death

It can be tough to deal with the grief and sadness after the death of a loved one. People’s reactions to loss vary, and sorrow manifests itself in various ways. You can feel enraged, powerless, or melancholy. Remember that anything you are experiencing is completely normal. Understanding how grief works and how to deal with […]

Five Things To Know About Death Doulas

Undoubtedly, hospice is all about an advanced level of medical care, comfort and offering a better quality of life to the person who is terminally ill or reaching the end of life. The hospice staff makes sure to provide all the care that a person needs, but still, they have a limited role in our […]