About The Author

About The Author

Who is Nicole Thornes?

Nicole Thornes was born on 9th January 1980. She completed her degree in Criminal Justice from Wor-Wic Community College. She started her career as a police officer, but after a career-ending injury, Nicole retired as a police officer. She then managed three local cemeteries before going to work in a local funeral home. While at the funeral home, she worked in life insurance, the front office and as a funeral director apprentice. It was after wearing many hats at the funeral home that Nicole decided that she wanted to help people have a positive passing and became a certified death Doula.

As a death Doula, she assists and serves different needs, which include Companionship, Coordinating a circle of support, Legacy projects, Facilitating Advance Care Planning, Meal preparations and Light housework, Assistance finding pet care, Running quick errands, Assistance with facilitating rides and accompanying to healthcare visits, Memorial portraiture, and Bedside Vigil.

My Book

Daddy's Home

“Daddy’s Home” is a novel written in honor of individuals who have died and their loved ones. However, it is influenced by the author’s experience and is equally about cathartic renewal and loss. Nicole, who was forced to retire due to a line-of-duty accident, goes through a grieving process that is reflected in this story, from her first sentiments of loss and abandonment to her own recommitment and renewal.

Nicole Thornes has written a novel that beautifully tells a heartbreaking tale of loss and death. All of the brothers and sisters who lost their lives in the line of duty are honorably remembered in the story. The narrative also depicts the emotional turmoil experienced by family members following the death of a loved one.

Aspiring - Impassioned – Heart-Wrenching

Daddy’s Home beautifully conveys the spectrum of emotions people experience when they lose a loved one. Although there is a lot of optimism and hope, it does not deny the harsh reality of tragic outcomes.